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Aiding and Abetting will be taken as serious as serious is!!

In the Spirit Devil money made me do it N/A

Political Religious Illusion Charlatan Kleptocracy media inciting Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss


Genocide ... Child Trafficking
Murders Dawson Creek


Spirit of Law Overrides Common Law Inferred Precedence Deranged Rhetoric Justice Exploiters Complicit Kleptocratic Yahoos Liquidity Levitation

Criminal Lawyer sustainable growth is as Criminal Element sustainable growth

Charity tax evaders sustainable growth is as the sustainable growth of the needy

Medical profession sustainable growth is as the sustainable growth of illnesses

Them who purport to act on behalf of humanity that claim Copy Right infractions act on behalf ulterior purpose

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

American charities using kids for profits

Cancer cured and covered up
Sum thin about failure to provide the necessaries of life

Perhaps with Bill 8 Andre Marin Will get on the case!!

B4 Frank Ate!!

Medical Conspiracy

It turns out in order for them to look good they must make whistleblowers appear to be evil
Come ... I'll show you what I mean


my epitaph

Pertinent South Park Lake hospital communications censored!!!

Any more help from them and I will be dead making the
Senator that threatened me a prophet
 maintaining their exploited profit exponentially secure 

Utmost Pathetic Rip off Cancer Societies obstructers of life could venture life as Capone for tax evasion

Media never delve into the depths lest they find self fathoms deep
Now that I mention it I could forfeit life attempting to get them life

Anderson Cooper – Cancer scam -
A small
aggressive segment of the charity world
Is Lamar Odom's Cancer Charity a Fraud?

American charities using kids for profits

Cancer Cured

What's up Doc?


About a week ago I had to call 911 for my 90 year old mother who has lived with me for 22 years

Mother for the last couple of years has been dealing with diabetice, some form of cancer dealing with blood marrow ... thin blood and skin easily damaged along with dementia 

Dementia (taken from Latin, originally meaning "madness", from de- "without" + ment, the root of mens "mind") is a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normalaging. It may be static, the result of a unique global brain injury, or progressive, resulting in long-term decline due to damage or disease in the body. Although dementia is far more common in the geriatric population, it can occur before the age of 65, in which case it is termed "early onset dementia".[1] A recent survey done by Harvard University School of Public Health and the Alzheimer's Europe consortium revealed that the second leading health concern (after cancer) among adults is Dementia.[2]

I had been shooting mom up with insulin as doctor prescribed and ensuring was taking her many daily pills whereas her condition worsened, gradually cut back on the doses to a point no longer requiring insulin and down to about half her daily pills.
A couple of months or so ago a doctor checkup with blood tests revealed no problem and all was improving until perhaps about two weeks ago when I noticed her blood sugar readings were registering high now and again and of course administered prescribed dose now and again when a week prior to my 911 call mother had a fall on the stairs in the dark.
(added 6/23/13)
I should mention that I informed the family doctor about mother no longer requiring her insulin shots to which he responded
"It happens"

She has had a couple of falls in her bedroom about 4 months prior ... maybe 6 that was due her dementia disorientation effects and managed to overcome by ensuring her bathroom light and upstairs hall light were left on.
Unfortunately, on the night of her fall she had turned off the hall and bath room lights while I grabbed a little shut eye and missed the switch not to be aware until heard her fall like son of bitch.

So anyway survived that with a couple wounds I doctored as familiar due her thin blood and skin ... pretty much use to what the average folk would view reason for emergency call.
In the week prior the 911 call a couple of mother's down phases almost ignited my trigger to call ... having also complained her right shoulder was sore, but a sleeping pill on such occasions found us in tranquility bliss, not yet about to kiss ass goodbye due the events while exhaustively working to do what I of serious limitations can do to prevent the looming WW III genocide 

The day of the 911 mom had awakened me calling from the stairs where I noticed she sat "Frank Help Me" like a flash on the case, stairs and pertinent case when knew was time for 911.
Medic checked blood with high sugar count and meanwhile neighbors both side converged on scene.
Through conversation learned both had been feeding her as both had said she had an enormous appetite.

I was now able to view mother's downfall in retrospect ... that was beginning to explain why her condition that I had under control, far better than at any time since her more serious problems began a couple of years prior, had resumed escalating to her incarceration at South Park Lake where many calls had been forthcoming and my many words responding not being heard or acted upon.

Early in Mom's incarceration I informed Lisa ... I believe her name of the oncoming genocide, as time went on about a couple of days ago came across articles about Mercury in tooth fillings and Flu shots that both mom and I take every fall and decided to get her out of South Park Lake having already concluded that my neighbors extra feedings blew my doctoring schematics away and with new information as follows would entertain a new get well or improve program, not just treat the symptoms as routined by them with decent cash for life at Humanity expense ... however appreciate their first aid adeptness regularly observed of the 1st 2nd Party of the top and bottom slice of the SSS - Satanic Sucker Sandwich where with every inniative goes another slice of life of 3rd party Humanity quality of life 

I must also admit I appreciated the break from Mom needing to be on the case 24/7 and in fact realized I would have been on the case getting her out sooner if not for my natural bias intervention.

Alzheimer's Dementia Reversal Trailer. We were very surprised to find that Alzheimer's and Dementia can be reversed and we interviewed people that did it! The primary causes are:
1) Mercury from metal fillings and flu shots
2) Toxins in food and environment
3) Low T3 even when T4 and TSH thyroid tests are normal
4) Neurological side effects from prescriptions meds
5) Vitamin and mineral deficiency
6) Inflammation from food allergies, infections, etc.
Note: We are not medical professionals. We are simply passing on information. You should consult a medical professional to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease.

 Mercury teeth fillings and flu shots

 Test mercury level

How coconut oil gave me back my brain.
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

Spectrum unrefined virgin coconut oil. Tons of health benefits:

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and many more.

So yesterday when someone from the Park Lake called asking me to drop down to consult, being a 1/2 hour drive queried what are we doing and have been doing on the telephone all week, which quickly flashed through my mind that the query was to me, for seemingly I was not making the connection at the other end. I informed I will not be coming down other than to take mother home.
A later call that day by another of the muthers said I would need a Power of Attorney when I suggested mother would be far better off at home where she has been familiar for 22 years being wth her son and I with my mother who belong to each other not them eh? There diagnosis of present no different than I had been dealing with prognosis no future in such pathetic hands that have ignored the availability of the cancer cure due the prognosis associated with their careers should the ROE - Root of Evil be plucked.
The lady whomsoever I was talking with finally said OK a doctor would call in the morning or I was to call for release proceedings

In continuation as the stomach turns awaiting mother's release from South Park Lake.
During the course of her stay a few days ago a nurse informed they had to restrain mom which I casually wrote off as ... yes she can be stubborn in her ways and later perhaps another day informed mother had an accident, her food tray had fallen and cut her leg as the nurse began to explain she has thin skin and blood that I acknowledged was well aware these things happen seemingly not a whole lot can be done ... remembering a couple of times attempting to get the message to Mom ... what am I gonna do tie you down to the bed ... which of course a drastic approach to a drastic situation ... however when these happen in hospital care ... oh well what can you do ... but a two way street as a social worker I was talking to earlier this morning informed they are quite concerned about her as I offered me too ... but tone seems to be looking at me as if some kind of old lady abuser.

Nobody knows the truth of these ... utmost serious matters when mom's on the move trying to fly out the door with determination of know not what pretty tough and ornery 85 - 90 pounder caught between a rock and hard place even just grabbing her arm to stop her can do fairly serious damage to skin and flesh.

I am quite good at not getting excited, but there can be times of seemingly long durations where she is like a jack hammer gnawing at the trigger point that I am quite confident a firm safety lock on it, reverting to mom if you don't settle down I will have to call the emergency and quite possibly will take you away never to return.

The problem here is they are purportedly professionals, but everything I have read about the many conditions of mother a few things aforementioned in my 8/21/12 published writings gives me far greater concern for her well being under their care than I as they ruled and policied and I have been anxious to get her home to try the coconut oil treatment.

It is now about11 am ... about a half hour ago was talking to a male nurse attempting to find out if they have as of yet checked mother's blood for mercury content and does she have mercury fillings being rather pertinent to case in point, that as I had mentioned earlier when queried Oh ah ah ... when we check the blood we don't normally check for mercury ... even though mothers conditions would assuredly red flag that would attract a bull but not health care bull shitters.

Today when talking to arrogant social worker Shelly belittling me I spurted out mercury and wounding mom in your so called professional care. Attempting to walk gingerly having been threatened by a Senator and her attitude on the verge of yanking mother from here to their professional deliberate incompetent care was aggravated to surpass my restraint when mentioned their deliberate ignoring of the available cancer cures ... that caused her to infer that I was Mad ... which indeed I am ME - Mad Eccentric for fact cause and effecting myself to lock up with restraints.

 This morning late a call from the Park Lake mother would not be released today and were concerned about my ability to care for her as we headed down the one-way two-way street.
Them the professional 14M24S - One for Money Two For Show Dr - Deranged righteous and I a mere Mr - Mental retard 

Anyway mother remains today and I stand firm without drivers license having been illegally confiscated at arrest
Docket 13 
For all intent and purpose under house arrest amplifying my confinement mother's unfortunate health brings
I asked whomsoever I was talking with who had suggested my possible ineptness how mother's mercury level was since they had taken blood tests.
Oh ... we don't normally test for that ... confirming the validity of my non confidence vote ... considering the relativity in dementia case.
Another call of late of same date from a dietician drew some berate being the way deliberate ignorance irate as I spurted at her mercury and cancer stuff they refuse to snuff.
I ponder what doth yonder morrow bring from them of Romans 13 De jure De facto morals
Tis not the woe of the NEWS - Never Ending War Story the 3rd Party's

Theirs the apathetic Sorry and Glory
Do I hear a
Wealthy Hippocratic Oath Absentia


Registered Letter to be sent 9/17/12


45 Sheppard Ave.

Suite 700

North York, ON M2N 5W9



South Park Lake Hospital

Sarah Beck

Hospital Case Manager

Central Community Care Access Centre 

Re: Edythe Gallagher further to your courier Letter of 9/11/12 copy attached

Reference www.iyffyi.com Site of which you cite

“No telephone calls please”

Evidences you have been there ignoring all that concerns me of the Humanity clan

 Dear Sarah Beck 

I would like to make it specifically clear of the many telephone conversations with various hospital staff … reiteration upon reiteration requests to determine if mother’s blood has been tested for mercury remains unanswered. 

I had hoped my registered letter received by your office 9/13/12 may trigger a response.

My neighbor was down visiting mother on or about the 12th conveying to me she seemed in good spirit and as your couriered letter stated was currently medically stable seeing no reason for her not to come home as neighbor agrees.

I should mention I now have made arrangements for live in help and would appreciate you beginning check out procedure.

However, I do not know what the stumbling block is about the blood test for mercury, but if costs I will gladly pay seemingly easier for you to do while on premise rather than I dealing with it when mother is released.

I say again please document whatever instructions pertinent to her continued well being to be provided when I come with neighbor to pick mother up.

So in conclusion please respond in writing to the content herein providing a checkout date and time.

Thank you all for caring for mother … a little caring for me will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Frank George Gallagher

Son of Edythe Florence Gallagher     


Where are the children going?

I suspect mother a much longer life span from this point in time with death threat upon me and my continuance to attempt to inform

Tis sad but true of many I inform seemingly seriously dementia afflicted giving credence to the
Might insight cite
PRICK inciting FIBIB
Political Religious Illusion Charlatan Kleptocracy ... Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss

Truth Oscillation
This way and that according to what one's ignorant belief holds to be true favorable to self

Everyone must have a job ... source of income to provide for self and of course not much good if dead

Pro lifer oligarchy genocidal de factos

How can it be murder when it is just the way it is?

Just de factos please


When finally met with group at hospital they informed they had taken a mercury test of mother’s blood. I asked how it was responding fine. 

Could I have a copy please?

It is not the policy of the hospital




Could have peaceful meaning with the conversion of the Rule of Law to meaningful

Elite Panicking


Arrest warrants Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict XVI, Prime Minister Harper


Communications with Public Guardian Censored
See below 11/18/13

Perhaps will show up once a legal court is installed consistent with the SOL-Spirit of Law (Humanity) conducive to support the Charter guarantee

E-mail response to Ron 6/30/13

Recieved 10/18/13

Response Ron 10/25/13

Censored 11/18/13
I can babble on without evidence

Mother Passed away

Doctor had said broken shoulder ... broken pelvis ... internal bleeding ... nothing can do but morphine

Care center said fell off chair


I await my fate

I try to spend as much time on the rug as I can ... preventative medicine may reduce the fall


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